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Meditations on Violence - Guildford - October 16th  2022

Meditations on Violence - Guildford - October 16th 2022

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The Author of many books and video material.  Rory is one of the most well known and experienced experts on the world of violence and how to manage it.  Trained in many Martial Arts and Krav Maga and an eminently qualified psychology lecturer. 

With his own organisation Chiron Training, a contributor to the Violence Dynamics events and an avid supporter of Dr Tammy McCracken's 500 Rising, Rory is not to be missed.  For more on Rory's background click here

For two weekends in October, Rory is back in the UK on a tour of one day venues.  Hosted in Guildford by Les Bubka and Steve Hollingdale, so come and join the fun.


Registration 12.00 finishes 17.30

Park Barn Centre, Park Barn (The Hive)

Guildford GU2 8EN