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Dr Tammy McCracken


 Dr Tammy McCracken is owner & global solutions director with Personal Defense Industries, LLC and Founder of 500 Rising in the United States.  A Court established expert in Violence Dynamics, she is an active presenter in fields such as Conflict Management and human factors coaching. She is the program director for PDI's northern Virginia training center, Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga, one of the founding directors with Chiron Training, and a member of the Violence Dynamics international teaching team.

She has authored numerous articles on violence, personal safety, and socio-psychological factors influencing conflict and self-defense. She also serves as an available adjunct consultant to the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

Tammy is a licensed Conflict Communication trainer, an instructor with Chiron Training, and originally certified as a Krav Maga instructor with Eyal Yanilov's Krav Maga Global. Tammy presents internationally, including an invitation to speak at the Airline Pilot's Association Safety & Security Forum in Washington, DC, Women in Federal Law Enforcement conference, & Northrup Grumman's women's health focus and most recently at the Virginia Probation/Parole Officer's Association Conference. She is SME for Silver Eagle Group's Active Shooter Response course, has served as professional consultant to legal counsel on human behavior/violence, and coaches individuals and business in human factors management, including changing the dysfunctional scripts driving conflict. She also supported Krav Maga Global's efforts to forward it's women's training division serving as the international women's division coordinator for 2 years as the program restructured, helping to develop division leads in regions across the globe.