If you think education and training is expensive, then consider the cost of not having it.

Rory Miller


 “Why is a caterpillar wrapped in silk while it changes into a butterfly? So the other caterpillars can't hear the screams. Change hurts”  

Rory Miller is a writer and teacher living peacefully in the Pacific northwest of the United States.  The author of a series of books including “Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence” and a few other things.

He has served for seventeen years in corrections as an officer and sergeant working in maximum security facilities, booking and mental health.  Leading a tactical team and teaching subjects ranging from Defensive Tactics and Use of Force to First Aid and Crisis Communications with the Mentally ill.
For fourteen months he was an advisor to the Iraqi Corrections System working in Baghdad and Kurdish Sulaymaniyah. Somewhere in the midst of that he received a BS degree in Psychology; served in the National Guard as a Combat Medic (91A/B); earned college varsities in judo and fencing and received a mokuroku in jujutsu. He has drunk chichu with reformed cannibals and 18-year-old scotch with generals and loves long sword fights on the beach.

"Force is a form of communication. It is the most emphatic possible way of saying “no” and for years my job was to say "no" sometimes very emphatically, to violent people".  I can make it sound more official, but in the end I was paid to go into volatile situations, usually alone and outnumbered to prevent inmates from preying on each other or attacking my fellow officers.   That was the job which I have done from my west coast home to Baghdad. 

So far, my life has been a blast, I’m a bit scarred up but generally happy.