If you think education and training is expensive, then consider the cost of not having it.

Joe Saunders

The creator of the Martial Art of Communication (MAOC) de-escalation system and Saunders Control & Restraint. These systems are an accumulation of 15 years of front line aggression management experience. From door work to bodyguard to acute mental health wards.

A certified instructor in Richard Dimitri's Senshido,  Gendai Krav Maga and various law enforcement defensive systems. Joe has competed at international level in judo, sumo and belt wrestling along with amateur competition experience in MMA, BJJ, submission grappling, sambo and kyokushin karate.

A well known host of the internet’s leading Managing Violence Podcast Joe has spent more than three years learning directly from the leading minds in violence prevention.
Professionally; one of Australia’s leading experts in workplace violence prevention and a member of the global threat assessment community. Providing training and consulting services to clients ranging from major airlines to government departments, hospitals and public transport utilities.