If you think education and training is expensive, then consider the cost of not having it.

Our guests for 2022


 We aim to bring you the best there is and so far in 2022 we have confirmed:-

  • Joe Saunders - click here for profile.
  • Rory Miller - profile - click here for profile
  • Tammy McCracken - click here for profile

Each teach specific subject matter dealing with topics like:

  • Real life practical self defence
  • Womens safety
  • Child safety
  • Staying safe in public
  • Staying safe in the work place
  • Staying safe at home
  • De escalation of violent situations
  • Situational awareness
  • Legal aspects of retaliation
  • The precautions to manage or avoid violence when it happens
  • The psychology of many profiled criminal elements
  • Strategy and tactics for personal safety

Topics for lectures are is too much to list here so take a course and come to meet them.