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Frequently asked questions

Questions that may need clarification

Q1. So I have paid my money and you sent me a receipt, so now what happens?

A1. Upon arrival at the venue you will be asked for identification and booked into registration at the appointed date and time. You will register with us and receive a course ID and welcome pack where appropriate.

Q2. What happens if the event is cancelled and I have paid for a place?

A2. You will be notified as soon as possible and offered an alternative course at a later date. The course will be of your choice and any monetary difference resolved on attendance. Alternatively your money will be refunded in full.

Q3. What about any accomodation or travel arrangement I have made and the course is cancelled?

A3. Self Defence Global will not be held responsible for any ancillary arrangements an attendee makes, so please ensure your arrangements have a cancellation policy of their own.

Q4. What do I do if I want to cancel my purchase and ask for a refund?

A4. If a cancellation is not of the making of Self Defence Global: then without exception, the responsibility of the purchase is entirely yours. However you may be offered a place on a similar course at the disgression of Self Defence Global if one is available.

Q5. What happens if I become incapacitated during a course?

A5. In the event of illness or an inability to continue the course, the student may withdraw or be withdrawn on medical advice from some or all of the elements of the course.

Q6. If I have a pre existing condition am I able to attend a course?

A6. Part of registration is a declaration of health and fitness to attend a course.   At that time Self Defence Global MUST be made aware of any reason an attendee is unable to fully take part and will consequently take measures to operate within a safety policy as perscribed.  If an attendee is on any medication, we ask that they make it known to the organiser and carry details in case an emergency.  i.e asthma, heart conditions, blood pressure etc.

For example: a student with a broken arm will not be excluded from participation in lectures but will be excluded from any practical or physical participation.

Q7. What does Self Defence Global expect from me as an attendee regarding behaviour and presentation?

A7. An attendee is required to declare to be Covid 19 negative and fit to attend the course.  Any attendee under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances of any kind and at any time, will be asked to leave and their course cancelled. Personal conduct in consideration of all other attendees is required to be of a manner that is in keeping with the standards of the course.

Q8. What can I expect from Self Defence Global?

A8. Self Defence Global is committed to providing the best value for money on any course.  The courses are not the cheapest but we have ensured the experience will be worth it. Our duty of care will offer safety at all times, learning in a comfortable environment and a commitment to quality.