If you think education and training is expensive, then consider the cost of not having it.

About Self Defence Global

Self Defence Global was established to address a gap in self defence training.  The expression "self defence" means many things to many people but to us it means being equipped to identify, manage and hopefully get out of situations where you and/or others are in real and potentially life threatening danger. 

The danger itself comes with many faces; from direct violence, domestic violence, predatory behaviour, child safety, rape and womens personal safety.  Extending to the psychology of narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths etc.  Our choice of instructors for each seminar tour is selected from a global pool of talent and each expert in their field of knowledge.

We operate as a company that organises, hosts and films events related to the aforementioned topics.  In our view, prior training such as Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Judo, Boxing and other "contact sports" are seen as the foundation for safety enhancement and will benefit greatly from attending courses.

The events themselves are orientated towards educating students from their current standpoint and backgrounds. Designed to appeal to men and women alike.  From club instructors to new students we feel that everyone attending, will learn from and enjoy new found knowledge whilst working with the best teachers available.