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500Rising UK Code of Conduct

As a colleague of 500Rising, I commit to providing the most current and relevant training for women within the self-defence and personal authority paradigm. Furthermore I agree to the following points:-

* I will provide all services reflecting the 500Rising project without prejudice against race, creed, religion, political affiliations, ethnic association, gender identity, student’s profession, or any other identifying element of the student.

* When providing training and education under the 500Rising umbrella, I acknowledge I am welcome to deliver information and skills not expressly identified in the 500Rising Curricula. In so doing, I will:
(a) Have validated and tested all physical skills for appropriateness in relation to women’s self-defence.
(b) Give appropriate system acknowledgement for all information skills presented.

* I recognise that it is appropriate to conduct women only events and that a women only seminar or class may require decisions regarding gender identity concerns.

For Example: a women’s only class open to Transgender & non binary individuals may in turn force women from specific religious affiliations to violate the protocols of their faith; should they attend during the instance a transgender individual present is biologically male.

* I acknowledge there are legitimate concerns across the spectrum and I will make the best decision possible when establishing guidelines for attendance of gender specific classes.

* If I am a male self defence instructor teaching women’s self defence, I agree to identifying, supporting and integrating female instructors into my teaching.

* I will represent myself only with verifiable qualifications and I will not offer instruction, advice or coaching that falls outside of my purview. Furthermore in any event as an instructor, I am asked to provide information or training beyond the scope of my knowledge; I will either hone my skills to the expectations required whilst representing 500Rising or I will contact and refer to a colleague with the necessary skills to address the matter.

* Should I in the future, no longer affiliate with 500Rising; I will remove all branded content from my work, social media, etc. I will cease use of materials developed and copyrighted by 500Rising and acknowledge that my access to online material will be revoked.
However, the intellectual and physical skills gained during my work with 500Rising are mine to be used as I choose.

* I will give credit in writing and or verbally during instruction for any material presented initially developed by another instructor or system. If I become aware of incorrect assignment of credit, I will make an effort to correct the information such that the original author is acknowledged.

* I will avoid disparaging other systems within the martial arts or self defence community or profession. If asked a question as to the quality or efficacy of a training approach that I disagree with I will:-

(a) not share my opinion in public
(b) share my thoughts in a professional and respectful manner whilst ensuring that all present understand that the thoughts or opinions are mine and do not reflect as 500Rising’s position on the matter. In any instance, if I hold the belief that the statement is fact, I will ensure my communication avoids absolutes, slanderous or libellous statements.

* I acknowledge that I am not conducting myself as a psychotherapist, counsellor, or other mental health professional as representation of my skills and conduct during self defence training events.
If however I am licensed professionally by a certifying board for the above stated professional skill set, I may include this information in my biographical data; however, I will not attempt to address mental health issues of students participating in self defence training whether physical or academic.

* I understand that such interaction requires express consent of the participant and confidentiality requirements become relevant should I attempt a therapeutic relationship with the client; and I recognise that such confidentiality cannot be created in a public seminar event. With the exception that in the event a seminar participant experiences a mental health crisis and I have the training to intervene for crisis management I will do so within the confines of my abilities and qualifications.

* At all times during my capacity as a representative of 500Rising or an Instructor I will abstain from initiating romantic or sexual relationships with self defence seminar or class participants. This is done in acknowledgement of the emotional power differential and degree of personal vulnerability that may be presented to other participants. I understand this commitment applies to all gender and sexual orientations and under any circumstance.

* I will commit at all times to being approachable and professional in all my interactions and acknowledge I represent the integrity of 500Rising.
I agree to conscious personal inventory as required; to avoid processing my own emotional or therapeutic goals whilst teaching self defence, martial arts, prevention or academic skills in my capacity as an instructor, whether representing 500Rising or not. In the understanding that all work in the Self Defence and Martial Arts communities will reflect upon all professional affiliations. I will avoid consciously or subconsciously using my teaching or students as a personal therapeutic process.

* I commit to analysing the educational value of content when sharing personal experiences of violence and trauma with students or participants. furthermore I recognise it is frequently not appropriate to share personal trauma as an instructor. Any such disclosures should be brief, used for rapport building, modelling effective transformation to personal authority and agency. All personal stories will be presented as well considered elements of any presentation. Therefore spontaneous sharing will always be purposed to educate and support participants.

* While it is appropriate to accept thanks and appreciations, I will always recognise that the success of each participant or student is the product of personal work and engagement as well as expertise and input from myself.

* While operating in any capacity under the 500Rising umbrella, I will take full responsibility and liability for the quality and accuracy of my instruction. I will hold harmless 500Rising in any regard to appropriate waivers and thereby release 500Rising from any and all liability.

* In the event that I partner with instructors who are not trained or certified by 500Rising, I will either:-
Reference 500Rising but not advertise the event as specifically 500Rising
Market and present as 500Rising in my capacity the primary instructor of the event and the un certified instructor as an assistant.

* I acknowledge the necessity for all relevant liabilities, assessments and insurances at all times.

* If approached publicly or privately with a complaint regarding conduct or instruction, I will present an appropriate opportunity to hear the complainants or concerns. This will always be with a second party present to witness the occasion and hold attest-able the accuracy of any exchange and outcome.

* If in any event I discover I am or have been threatened, harassed, negatively criticised, trolled or cyber bullied for my work associated with 500Rising; I will establish an appropriate boundary with an identifiable source of such behaviour with a view to it desisting without delay. Should the behaviour persist, I will in any circumstance notify 500Rising of the situation and avoid responding with disparaging or inappropriate remarks of my own.

Please note: Any action arising from dispute, injury or lack of adherence to the terms herin stated; will be governed under the laws of England and Wales.