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500Rising Level 1 Curriculum

500Rising Level 1 – Curriculum

Soft Skills
Conflict Communication and De-escalation specific to women
Threat Assessment & Situational Awareness
Process & Logic of Violent Action
Introduction to Ethical & Legal Considerations in Self-Defence
Introduction to managing trauma activation
Introduction to the aftermath of violent encounters

Physical Skills
Principles of movement applied to self-defence
Structure & Power Generation
Escape & Evasion
Defensive actions for:
Grabs, Drags & Pulls
Strikes & chokes
Pins & holds

Train the Trainer
Assessing physical skills from martial arts and other hand to hand systems
Rapport management
Working small v large groups
Managing difficult questions
Basic Learning Modalities
Providing useful correction (physical skills)
Personal Boundary Management
Media/Social Media
Giving and Receiving Feedback